How to outline a line design

I have a design similiar to the Viking ‘vegvisir’ that I drew in Lightburn. I have attempted to do the offset shapes so the rune is an outline…but this is producing some very odd results when I select all and try to do this. Some things are outlined properly, others not at all, and there’s a lot of ‘colliding’ ends.

How can I successfully convert this so that I cut out the rune instead of burn in the design?

Thanks muchly!
viking protection.lbrn2 (821.5 KB)

I’m not sure exactly what you’re after but try this:

  1. Select all shapes
  2. Offset Shapes tool → Outer Shapes Only, Select Resulting objects, and set desired offset size
  3. Place resulting offset onto new layer, modify settings accordingly
  4. Select and delete shapes you don’t want

What I assume you’re after for reference:


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