How to prepare SVG properly

Hello Guys, I am new to the chat, I hope that I am using it correctly I have an general issue about how to work with SVG for Laseburnning.

This is my example, I am doing more complicted pixel art, and I would like my laser to move more in the way on the right, not like on the left


Left one was created, by using separated squares (easier for pixel art) . right one was drawn as long lines

Can I somehow transform my SVG that the left one become the right one? (edited)

Did you try to use the “Optimization settings” button on the “Laser” window?

Hi , I used this setting and you can see the result :frowning:
Its not an issue in the small scale, but here is the example in bigger scale.
I would like to optimize the movement, that the lines are simply cut first, horizontally , then vertically.


It looks like you’re filling an irregular outline with a regular grid, but the grid is made of small crosses. As a result, the path planner draws each cross individually.

Rather than that, create a large rectangular grid using lines, then use the outline path to select the only the part of the grid within its borders. The Boolean operations will get that done; watch the video to see an example of exactly what you need.

You can create the grid from two lines, one horizontal and one vertical, by duplicating them with the [Grid Array]( tool at the proper spacing.