How to re-downlod Lightburn

I recently downloaded the latest update and kept getting error message saying that they couldnt sent to computer as it is busy or may be paused. I had tried to fix it but I ended up deleating lightbur from my computer. how can I dowmload it again, Im only 5 months into my licence? T I A

Simply download and install again. Either from the main site:
Download Free Trial – LightBurn Software

Or from the release site:
Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment (

Note that the trial and full version is the same software but only with a different key.

It’s possible you won’t even need to reenter your key but if you are asked, just enter your key.

I have tried that, but still got the same message.

I was answering the question posted. If you’re having a separate issue I’d suggest creating a new Topic and providing good detail there that would help someone understand what you’re dealing with.

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