How to reduce product parts equally?

I have a product file and I need to reduce the product size in it. Is there a way to do this so that all parts of the product are reduced equally?

If you select all objects, rescaling will affect all parts equally.

Hi, I’ve tried this, but when I have holes in the product sketch, after rescaling, they will not be at the same place as they were before.

I don’t understand how that would be possible. Can you post screenshots or upload the .lbrn file that you’re trying to scale?

That’s what happens when you change the overall size of an object.

Consider a 100 mm square centered on the origin: shrinking it to 50 mm means every point inside must move proportional to its distance from the origin. The perimeter of interior holes will move in the same proportion, so the holes will both shrink and move.

To shrink only the perimeter of a part, you must select just its outline (perhaps ungrouping it from other shapes), then rescale it. It will shrink around its center point, which may not be what you want, but the interior features remain unscaled in their original position inside the shrunken perimeter.

As @berainlb says, a picture of what you’re trying to achieve will help us see the problem.

Hi @ednisley and @berainlb
Thanks for your kind help. You both helped me a lot. Be blessed.