How to remove ghost array elements?

Hi again! I’m having trouble with a number of my linear arrays. I’ve had freezing issues when trying to preview jobs and diagnosed it to a “ghost” array that’s causing issues. Even after deleting the original source elements, part of my original graphics are still showing up as virtual elements.

I have no way to edit or delete these ghost elements even after the original array and graphics are gone. It’s caused a lot of lost time because I’ve had to recreate a number of production jobs and was hoping someone has a solution to remove these ghost array elements.

We’ve found the issue and are working on a fix. The trouble seems to be when you have two elements in a virtual array and then group them. The array draws the group (which contains the group members) and then also draws the group members individually.

Un-group them and it should resolve it for now.


Glad to hear you’re working on a fix! And thank you for the quick reply. I’ll try your suggestion of ungrouping all elements before applying the virtual array.

As far as getting rid of these ghost elements AFTER I’ve already deleted the source graphics, is there any way to remove them?

Attach the file here and I can alter it to remove them.

Thanks Oz, but I went ahead and recreated the design so won’t need you to modify the file for me. I appreciate the offer. I was just wondering if there was any way I could remove the ghost elements easily. From now on, I’ll just keep elements ungrouped before performing the array function.

There isn’t a simple way to do it - you have to do it by editing the file content.

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