How to reset an objects rotation


Ive been using the camera alot to free hand rotate objects to slot them into tight spots.

However i want to modify said objects to customise my designs a bit. Is there a technique or way to reset the object back to 0 degrees or its original formation? I want to have it perfectly dead straight as i am making mm adjustments.


No. LightBurn does not retain this information in the way you are thinking. When you rotate something, that new position becomes zero. You can use the ‘Undo’ for recent events, but if you open a saved file, you will no longer have that option.

Here is a quick to show how the ‘Rotate’ works.

Yeah i have saved the file so the rotation becomes permanent. Maybe something for future update maybe :slight_smile:
Thanks for the response.


If your object has a feature with a known angle when in it’s “unrotated state”, you could use the ruler function to discover its rotated angle to aid in putting it back to “0”.


I like Hank’s method. Another method, perhaps if you don’t have a straight line feature, is to make a temporary line and measure that angle. And yet another is to make a temporary line at the angle you desire, and then use the new LB V1 feature of “Two-point Rotate / Scale” to snap your shape to the known angle.

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