How to resize a pdf file to have the correct size

got a file from thing verse its a nerdy gurdy musical interment ,how do you get the right size of the interment when you resize it for your bed has no dimensions help please!!!
its a pdf file.

I assume you are talking about this:

I imported the PDF directly in LB and the only issue I saw was that it only imports the first page of the PDF. So, I opened the PDF in Illustrator (which asks which page to import) and saved each page as a separate file as a SVG which I then opened in LB - the dimensions imported to the same dimensions that are in illustrator.

Assuming that it is too big for the size of your bed, you could ungroup the imported file and cut the individual pieces that do fit on your bed.

If you are saying that the largest piece is too big for your bed and you need to scale the pieces down, I guess you could select a percentage (80% as an example) to reduce the image to that works for you which is simple entering the amount in the proper field in LB (just make sure you have the aspect lock enabled).

So … what exactly are you asking?

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