How to save a dithered image as a bitmap (bmp)?

I loaded a jpeg image and converted it to dithered image via the “Adjust Image” option. I’d like to save the resulting dithered image as a bmp file. I tried using the “Save Processed Image” pulldown option, but the image that gets saved is not the same as the dithered one shown in the “Adjust Image” window.

Here’s the Adjust Image window with the dithered image on the right (this is the image I wish to save):

Here’s the image that gets saved with “Save Processed Image”:

Any tips or suggestions on how to save the actual dithered image?

Many thanks for your time.

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Watching thread, this could help me until xTool D1 firmware update, good luck

I can’t reproduce this. Can you share the .lbrn file?

Here’s the test case. I’m using Lightburn version 1.0.06.

Thanks for trying to help.

dither_to_bmp_test.lbrn (1.7 MB)

Well, don’t know if it was a bad sign but my LightBurn crashed opening your file.

Anyway, I got it to “work” but not certain if this is how it’s intended to behave.

To fix, open the cut layer settings and de-select Image Mode override of “Pass-Through”. This was basically saying, don’t worry about resampling the image in LightBurn, just pass as-is and let the laser deal with it. When that setting is checked I think it basically forces the mode to “Threshold” no matter what you choose in image adjustments.

Was able to get this out after the fix:

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THANK YOU!!! Your suggestion worked perfectly. Thanks for pointing out my incorrect setting.

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To be clear, I don’t know if that’s how it supposed to work. But that’s what we’re dealing with.

Take care. Enjoy the holiday.

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