How to save an RD file

How do I save a file as a RD type? I haven’t messed with our machine (50 watt) for 9 months and went I went in to save a file the “save RD file” button is not there? Not sure if the software was updated that I am missing it?
I am running an update now, but it is a very slow process.

This is in the ‘Laser’ window when using the Ruida Device Profile, which you are not showing in the provided pictures. Make sure you turn that window ON.

How do I turn it on?

Select ‘Window’→’Laser’ from the main menu at the top.

Thank you!!

I was able to save it to an Rd file on my flash drive. However, it isn’t showing up. Is it because the copy is not a vector image? I thought you had to copy the image and trace it somehow? I can’t find how to do it though. Any suggestions?

Uploading: F09D0F18-3DD3-479C-91F7-0557E20AF45D.jpeg…

What is this “it”? You say “it” isn’t showing up. Are you saying that you click the ‘Save RD’ button, navigate to your flash drive and commit the save, but you do not find that RD file when you look for it with file manager? This is not very clear.

Not understanding this at all. Are you talking about the RD file you can’t find? Vector? Tracing? Can’t find how to do what?

You asked how and where to save an RD File. Please confirm the initial issue has been resolved, before we move to another question.

Looks like the image you are trying to post did not load correctly. Make sure you allow the image to fully upload before you hit post.

By “it” I meant the actual design I was trying to engrave.

By “it” I was referring to the actual design I am trying to engrave.

Can you please try again? Please explain what you want to accomplish, what you have tried, and what the exact result was. I am having difficulties understanding you, what you are after and what the issue is? Explain it like I am a child, so I can “see” what you are after.

Your initial question was about saving an RD file. You say you saved but now don’t find that file on the flash drive. Is that correct?

Are you using macOS by chance? If yes, you must save the file using 8.3 DOS style naming and also save to the root of the drive, not a folder. macOS adds additional stuff to the flash drive that not known, or not fully supported from the Ruida interface.

Ok, I initially created the design, saved

as a rd file to a flash drive, and engraved. The last name was misspelled so I went in and made the correction on the original lightburn file. Since then I tried saving the design to a flash drive as a rd file. The design shows up on the flash drive, but then when I click on the design and try to preview it I get the message I shared earlier. It is something I messed up when changing the text in the Lightburn file as before I changed it I was able to save and engrave. Hope that makes sense lol.

The message tells you what’s wrong.

You have filled shapes that aren’t closed, so they were removed.

For such a simple engraving, that’s a heck of a lot of shapes.

Whatever you did between iterations broke the closed nature of your shapes

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