How to scallop edge of circle all around

as title says, I for the life of me can not find it anywhere…

Probably not quite what you want but hopefully it is a starting point.
Large circle then circular array of small circles then Boolean assistant.

There will undoubtedly be other ways to achieve this.

Thanks David, just what I wanted, Just what I did but no Boolean Assistant (it’s greyed out).
Go figure…
But yeah I have it now Thanks again…

Merlin… :ghost:

If I ‘Group’ the outer circles, I find the ‘Boolean’ operations available. :slight_smile:


Sorry Rick but on my computer it’s not working under the “Tools” tab but is on the side bar…

A setting somewhere or???

Cheers Merlin… :ghost:
Boolean.lbrn2 (176.1 KB)

Sorry Rick I pasted a screen shot but don’t think it came out…I have know Idea how to any other way to show you the greyed out tool tab Boolean…Merlin… :ghost:

I see what happened. It looks like the screenshot was added to your LightBurn file, that is fine. :slight_smile:

The issue I find is that the ring of circles needs to be grouped first. Then with the group selected, add the large circle to the selection and the Boolean tools become alive.

Rick thank you now I sea what’s going on…
Knew there had to be a simple answer…

Merlin… :ghost:

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No worries. Glad you got things working on your end, friend. :slight_smile:

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