How to set a tapered edge on a cut?

I am trying to achieve a small tapered edge when cutting squares out of acrylic/romark. I did this a few times before on accident, when the laser was slightly misaligned, but I am wondering if there is a setting in lightburn that allows me to do this. I have attempted to attach a picture of when it happened before, but it is hard to see in the photo.

Can you share an additional illustration or two to help us “see” what you are after? The picture provided is hard to discern the reference to “tapered edge”.

Hopefully this helps. I don’t really know what the proper term for the effect is. I don’t want a straight cut, but rather a cut that is angled so that the inside edge of the cut is closer to the center than the outside.

You could do that with engraving using ramp mode, but there is no way to do this as a cut - not with just a single vector line, at least. (You could have a few inner offsets, and reduce the power with each one, possibly)

I was thinking of doing that, but just wanted to check if there was a setting first. Thank you!

This got me thinking (wait, wait, come back, please :wink:)…

Can you ramp a fill with the power values inverted? See attached image (vector, filled, ramp set to 4mm, and ramp outer edge selected). Based on my burn test and the image, the outer edges get less power. If the goal is to bevel the outer edge, wouldn’t the ramp have to apply the power in reverse? The outer line is an offset line for cutting. Tried with and without, same results.

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