How to set Rotary axis to be the "X" axis

Looking for a little help.
I have an Ortur LM2 with a custom rotary attachment i made. I have hardwired it through a switch, to replace the “X” axis motor of the LM2 for reasons that are unimportant to my question (no, i cannot change my wiring to use the “Y” axis). In Lightburn 9.23, under rotary setup, there are only selections for “Y” , “Z” , and “A” axis (whatever that is ?). How do i set Lightburn to use the “X” axis as the rotary ?? If there is no way to do this, could the Lightburn staff kindly add an “X” axis selection in the next update please, and thank you.

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The only thing to do is set the right steps for your X when you switch to your rotary and after you switch to normal you set back the normal steps. Custom solution for a custom modification.

@ Enno Thanks, that is a nice simple solution!

I am also interested in having the X axis option.

I didn’t understand how to do it … do you have a practical solution?
Thank you.

Write down your current settings (steps/axis) connect/enable your rotary and run the calibration. That is pretty much all you can do. After using the rotary set your settings back.

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