How to simple index?

I need to laser some information on each flat of a hex in the rotary, In EZcad this was done with a number in the Z axis. Can anyone tell me how to do this in Lightburn?

The following is a good place to start, and is worth review: :slight_smile:

I have reviewed that document however it does not cover laser a number then rotate 60 degrees and laser another number on each flat of a hex. Unless I’m missing something

Have you also had a chance to review the following?

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That is helpful, how can i use that to mark different information on each flat of the hex?

You can combine Repeat Marking with the Variable Text feature to mark different information on each side of the hex.

How you format the Variable Text will depend on what information you’re looking to mark on each side. LightBurn provides a format for Serial numbers, but if there’s some other type of information you’re looking to mark, you can also use CSV formatting. You can read more about the different Variable Text formatting options here:

Be sure to enable ‘Auto-advance’ in the ‘Variable Text’ window - you can enable that window by going to the ‘Window’ menu, and clicking ‘Variable Text’ so a check mark appears next to it.

Let us know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

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