How to snap circular text to the arc of the circle?


I am engraving barrel lids for some of my clients. Some want the text to follow the path of the lid, i.e. create the text in the same circular format as the circle itself. I know when you create text, you can grab the little blue dot and make it conform to the circle. I get very close, most of the time where you can’t tell by the naked eye if it is completely uniform or not. Last night after burning i realized it was not completely lined up properly so…finally to the question, lol.

Is there a way in lightburn to make the text automatically snap to the position when the arch of the text is exactly the same as the arc of the circle?

Thanks for any help.

There is no snapping for text bend at this time. But if you already have a path you want the text to follow, bend is the wrong tool anyways. Use the text path tool, as shown here:

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That worked like a champ. Thank you very much. I am learning more and more daily, this forum is awesome.


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