How to split drawing

Hi, I have imported a jpeg file into LightBurn, I have been able to make a cut path for the whole item, but I can’t work out the way to make a cut path that will just follow the outer edge of the drawing to cut it out. I have tried Ungroup but that does not work. What do I need to do to enable the laser to first mark the lines inside, and then to cut the whole object out following the outer edge. The jpeg drawing is of a ships wooden deck and I want the laser to mark the planks which it does, but then wish the laser to cut the outer edges. Thanks

use two different colors.

each colour has its own cut parameters.

so for example make the etched lines black and set the black layer to cut with low power

the. select the outline, and set the outline color to red. set this to high power.

sort the layer order so the red layer gets done first

then press go!

both will then cut

the lines will be etched , then the cutout will happen afterward.

Hi, the program will not allow me to just mark the outer edge. As I said, I have tried to Ungroup, but if I use a second colour it just recolours the whole lot.

If it’s a JPEG file, that’s just a grid of brightness values, and doesn’t contain a path to be followed. You would need to trace it, either using LightBurn, another software package, or by hand, to produce a path that the laser can follow to cut it out.

It’s almost always EASY to do a quick trace in Lightburn (don’t worry about the details), then put a contour line around the tracing (chosing "delete original). Done! There is a path around the jpeg.

Hi, after importing the jpeg, I do trace and move then delete the original. But it size will not allow me to just cut the edge.

I have no idea what you mean - can you post a screen shot of your LightBurn window? I’m not understanding why the size will not allow you to cut just the edge. Depending on the content, you might need to un-group the traced result and delete some of the shapes to just keep the outer line.

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