How to Start a Test Cut at Specifc Point on Material

My use case is as follows:

I have a workspace with my main set of objects (i.e. expected to always be sent to machine), as well as some ancillary/additional objects that are kept/used as needed (but need to be stored as part of the overall project), and some test objects, e.g. a test cut square. (see attachment below.)

In general, I’d like to turn off everything but a test object (in this case the square), position the laser head at some arbitrary point over my material (for instance where I know it is a waste/test/extra material area), temporarily set the origin, and cut the square right there. I seem to have a difficult time doing this.

-1) I understand that there are three settings for the “Start From” drop-down: Current Position; User Origin; and Absolute Coords. None of them seem to allow me to start cutting right at where the laser head is positioned or origin is set on machine.

-2) I understand I can re-arrange things such that the test square is the object at topmost/leftmost position, relative to other objects, to do accomplish this…but that means moving test objects around all the time before sending.

-3) So this question is specifically about how to start a cut for a single output object, wherever it may be on the workspace relative to other objects, at an arbitrary/user-selected point on material.

Test square of interest is in red. Note position of green square indicating origin.


If you’re looking to only burn the red test square using your approach then enable “Cut Selected Graphics” and “Use Selection Origin” in the Laser Window. “Start from” in this case you’d want to use Current Position or User Origin.

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Thanks…I’ll try this next time I am at the machine (a few days) and then come back here and confirm.

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