How to stop Inserting Nodes

Hey guys, I’m having this problem where I insert a node in between two points and then I can’t move the node. When I try to move the new node I just created, it just keeps creating another node where I drag my mouse to instead of moving the node and so on and so on I just keep creating infinite amount of nodes from that one node I created instead of moving it . I tried to google it for like 2 hours now watched like 100 videos about lightburn noone seems to address it.

How are you inserting the node?

Can you create a video showing the mulitple nodes being generated? There’s likely something else going on because there’s no provision for creating nodes on move.

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It says video is not supported to upload. Is there a way to upload it?

You will need to host externally and link here.

That link requires sign-in.

To any google account. Idk how else to do it.

You can change the link options such that the file is made available to anyone with the link.

Done. Check now

Just reviewed. You don’t indicate how you’ve inserted the node.

But in any case, it doesn’t seem to me that new nodes are being created. I think you have a situation where there are already many overlapping nodes and that you’re simply moving them off of one another.

If you select the tool with the Measurement tool do you get a higher node count than you’d otherwise expect?

Hi it is the node count. But why? I’m just pressing the letter “I” and moving my cursor over the line. I did a new video making a random shape from scratch so you can see.

In the video, are you possibly holding the ‘I’ key? Auto-repeat could do that.

I think @Rick is likely correct. I suspect you’re creating multiple nodes at one time, either by holding ‘I’ for longer than necessary or if your I key is possibly sticking or repeating. The nodes are not being created on move.

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