How to trace image and assign cut layer

Hi, I am wanting to burn this image, and then cut it out in the exact shape of the image. How do I trace it and assign the trace a new layer for cutting?

First, I might suggest review of our documentation and videos on the Image Trace function, Image Tracing - LightBurn Software Documentation

I notice your image will produce more than just the outline when traced, so you may need to ungroup and then delete these undesired artifacts, then you select the resulting outline and place that shape on a line layer for cutout. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rick, I want to burn the other artifacts though, I don’t want to delete them. Do I do what you said, then undo the deletion of the artifacts you mentioned?

I took this as you wanting to engrave the image, which LightBurn can do. Image Mode - LightBurn Software Documentation

Yes, you could also use the trace for the entire object, but this image will be difficult to reproduce the detailed look of this object using vectors to create the image. :slight_smile:

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