How to turn on laser during framing?

How do I turn on the laser during the frame function so that I can see exactly where the burn will occur?

Hold down ‘shift’ then press one of the two frame buttons

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Tried that several times and got nothing.

Do you have the laser ‘enabled’ in the Device Settings?

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I did that and even restarted my laptop…nothing. I am sure it had that function for a while but now it does not

Review the content in this post. If this doesn’t work then please attach screenshot showing the Move window and a description of what happens when you use the fire button and framing buttons.

I found the FIRE button in the Move control, however, it would only pinpoint where the laser was. When I hit Frame the laser would turn off and once it was back to home the laser would turn back on. Maybe somewhere there is a stay on button.

have you tried this ?

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Hold down ‘shift’ then press one of the two frame buttons

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