How to update Firmware via Lightburn if installed Endstops (Eleksmaker A3 Pro)

Because I always have difficulties to find the right starting point, I decided to install limit switches on the two axles of the Eleksmaker A3pro.

I ordered this additional board.

In the description on the Eleksmaker homepage they write that you have to upload a special firmware via the Eleksmaker software EleksCam.

Is it also possible to write these changes into the controller via Lightburn? What might be so “special” about this firmware, that you couldn’t change it via the Lightburn machine settings?!?!

Does anyone already have this additional board in use in connection with Lightburn and can tell me what I have to change about the machine settings (if that is possible at all)?

EDIT: I`m using grbl 1.1f

Lightburn does not have a firmware uploader. You will have to follow the instructions on the page you linked to.

The expansion board requires that the ManaSE is running special firmware in order to talk to it. The standard GRBL firmware has no such capability AFAIK.

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