How to use 2 different lasers engravers in Lightburn

I am having issues setting up my LaserMaster 2 15W machnine and my my Universial Engraver 40x40 15000W machine. both use laserGRBL as controller
I feel sure that I am missing something.
Thank you in advance for help

Are you saying you are not able to get either laser working? Please provide details, exactly the steps you have tried, and the results you have or have not gotten. We need to “see” what you do, using what you type. :slight_smile: - Adding a Laser - LightBurn Software Documentation

Yes at this time neither of the Lasers will work. I had the LaserMaster2 first and have Lasergrbl loaded on my Computer a long with Lightburn. Everything was working good. Decided to get a Universal Engraver 40x40 with a blue 15000w laser. Per their suggestion to use Lasergrbl I then connected the Universal Engraver and have spent three weeks trying to get it to work but still having issues with home focusing the laser, etc. Tried going back to my LaserMaster2 and it now thinks it is on the larger frame and home is a different spot every time I click home. Attached is a screenshot of the LaserMaster2 connected to Lasergrbl Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

You will want to have a minimum of two device profiles defined, then you can switch to the one required for the specific laser you are using at that time. The motion control system and more directly, the firmware settings used for each one, defines how each system works. For LightBurn, or any software to work correctly, it needs to know what it is communicating with, and the details of that system. This is done by defining a Device Profile.

Click the ‘Devices’ button to add manually. Manual Creation - LightBurn Software Documentation

once you’ve created the profiles correctly, and have the DSP drivers installed (probably the issue?) then you use 2 instances of lightburn on your computer, each using a different profile / port, and whammo - happyjoy.

They are using Grbl based controllers for both of these systems. :slight_smile:

To Bigjohn’s point about 2 instances - can I use two copies of LB on my PC - each setup permanently for a different laser machine?

I’ve not found a way to make a ‘shortcut’ that automatically selects a port and machine profile, but it’s quite easy - With your lasers turned on, choose the profile and port, then open lightburn again, choose different profile and port. Adds a minute to startup time. I keep one to the left upper corner of my monitor, the other to the lower right… given that one machine is to my left, one to my right - makes it easy :slight_smile:

Thank you to all who responded to my question. I did finally get both machines set up by working with manual set up. Also ended up unplugging and then plugging in all of my connections. Have almost figured out how to set my laser focus on the universal engraver. It has to be done manually as well

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