How to use $J jogging and DTR Signal

please help me for $J jogging and DTR Signal

While I understand each word you have used here, I do not understand the meaning of their current arrangement.

If you hover over each option, there is a help bubble description for that option.

What help are you wanting? Please try again. :slight_smile:

i know. but I don’t know how to use it.

what is DTR signal. have you got example for DTR signal?

On Arduino hardware DTR is used to reset the controller. On other stuff like standard serial controllers, DTR means that the sender is available to talk to and the signal is required in order to initiate communication. So Arduino has kinda messed it up for everybody else. The correct way to use serial communications is to turn that DTR signal on, but if we do that every time it resets the Arduino. Hence, you can choose to set it or not.

Thanks Rick for information.

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