How to wrap a text into a custom shape

I am trying to wrap a text into a custom shape. For example into a hear shape or water shape

Do you know of a way in lightburn?
Thank you,

LightBurn does not currently provide a ‘Warp’ tool, as you are showing here. You can search and add this request using the Suggestion Site (← click) we provide.

ok thank you

I know you’re asking specifically about LightBurn but Inkscape seems to be able to do what you want (do a search on Envelope distortion). CorelDraw does it too but that’s not cheap and I expect you’d rather have a low (or zero) cost solution. It would be great if LightBurn could do this but maybe this is a useable solution for you.

Inkscape (free, multi-platform) will allow one to distort a vector object, as shown in this tutorial.

It appears to be mostly free form, but I suspect one could find a more “rigid” means of distortion.

Thank you. I have photoshop and know it can be done with it, I was trying to learn all I can in lightburn as it’s what I’m using with my laser. But thank you for your help.

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