How traslate this to lightburn

hello all, i used to use a program that work great for my design, but i change to lightburn, the things is that they design on lightburn are not the same as was with the other program, i have this setting on the another program so how i put that into lighburn (i am a bit new on this )


i know the spped and power but i am not to sure about the last two settings, and also i have this problem2

thanks so much!

i believe that the third setting is the one on lighburn as DPI, will be something like this ?dpi

thanks ! now i jsut need to find what is the 1ms of the last setting mean

Could that be a delay or dwell setting? Are there any descriptions of these settings provided from this vendor?

i found in a manual online that setting mean “set the engraving time per point, the unit is milisecond”! and also i was trying to find were i set the part where said “engrave mode point or line” i found that in that program Point work perfect, and line look ugly, and with lightburn, is like the laser is set in line and not point

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