How turn on the grayed out area of Arrange in LightBurn on a Mac

I purchased and download file and when I opened it in LightBurn everything was upside down and backwards. Since there is some lettering with the file that I want to read I can’t do it because it is upside down and backwards. I contacted the developer of the file and he told me to press Control and the letter A to select all, and then click Arrange in LightBurn, and click Flip Vertical. That didn’t work because the Arrange is grayed out on a Mac. How do I turn on Arrange on a Mac? I have attached a screen shot of the problem.

Looks like the screenshot was missed.

If it was selected, you could flip (mirror) it.

Generally in Lightburn, if the option isn’t available, the menu will be grayed out.

If it isn’t selected the flip options will be grayed out.

You can do it via the ‘Edit → Select all’ option, equal to the keyboards ^A (Ctr-A).

You can use the icon on the tool bar for ‘mirror vertically’ flip-vertical to ‘flip’ it vertically.

Good luck


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