Howe to adjuste drawing frame

I download a picture (png), play and modify it. When I try to scan it, I realize the frame is to big and the pic is not centred in the frame.
How can I resize the frame to fit the drawing?

Did you create the “frame” you speak of using one of the drawing tools? If so, you can change the size of this object using the handles once selected or the edit boxes in the Tool Bar at the top. These objects can be centred using the ‘Align…’ tools under the ‘Arrange’ menu or by selecting one of the align icons in the Tool Bar.

If you are talking about the LightBurn ‘Frame’ found in the ‘Laser’ window, it will draw a frame around all objects in your project unless you use the ‘Cut Selected Objects’ option. Then the ‘Frame’ command will frame only the selected objects.