HTV engraving settings

Hi guys,

I have been testing out engraving on HTV(heat transfer vinyl) so I don’t have to weed it and have had some good results but sometimes when I scan with a dxf file it’s one setting, then I use a png file and select dither it needs a different setting and again I change to Threshold it needs another tweak to my settings. I can’t get one setting

It’s not a lot I change from between 200-206 speed and my power changes from between 9-9.5%
I’m using 80w 4060 Chinese laser with ruida controller

In the picture you can see the htv is missed in some areas of the scan, maybe it’s a setting that allows it to keep the same depth

Hope this makes sense but happy to clarify

Cheers Ryan

I can’t answer your main questions, but have one of my own.

Are you using a product advertised as being laser safe? Vinyl when zapped creates chlorine gas, detrimental to one’s health and the health and well-being of the laser. A search using TheGoogle shows a number of products that are not dangerous for laser work.

Also useful information on this LB forum post that may assist your objective.

Yes I have seen that also but I use sister ang the promote laser safe and pvc free

But how would you know? Does it smell a certain way m?

I love seeing those tags, “laser safe” or similar.

I’ve never detected any chlorine smell, but I suspect that if there’s enough to detect by nose, it’s already too much and too dangerous. I’m sure in my youth that I’ve burned ordinary PVC pipe but can’t recall any aspect of it.