Hurricane Impact - August 4, 2020

Hi folks,

Some members of the LightBurn team are located along the USA east coast and were affected by Hurricane Isaias earlier today. I had some property damage and power loss earlier today, but thankfully my lights are back up now.

Oz is still without power, thanks to tall trees near power lines, wind, and physics.

The remaining members of our team are unaffected, and the one guy on the west coast probably doesn’t even know what I’m talking about. (Way to rub it in, Rick! :slight_smile:)

We are continuing to work on answering your inquiries but please understand that there may be delays until these things are resolved.

We will update this message with more information when it is available.

Thanks for everyone’s understanding,


LightBurn has power again! Things should be back to normal relatively soon, or at least as normal as they get around here.

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