I am Considering buying a RDC6445G/S from Cloudray,Any suggestions?

I heard that they are a solid dealer,but I haven’t bought anything at their house before, if it’s not recommended by my friend.I recently acquired a co2 laser cutting machine (100w, 900x600mm) ,I am considering swapping to a RDC6445G, partly because I understand it works well with Lightburn, and partly because it seems to be less expensive than some of the other controllers.Does anyone have any insight into how the 6445G compares to the 6445S?I don’t know the difference between them.
Also, has anyone bought from Cloudray official website?Their website is currently hosting Black Friday Warm-up, with some discounts. If so, was it a good experience?Thanks in advance.

G handles multiple laser tubes, the S is for a single tube only. There are some other difference, but it’s been a while since I got mine. I swapped up from a POS Top Wisdom and never looked back.

BTW, I’ve purchased several things from Cloudray, and have only one minor disappointment. Bought their house brand 5200 chiller, and discovered too late the heat option was a typo. Small stuff you can wait several weeks for it to arrive for ‘free shipping’, or plop down the $20 and get it UPS within a matter of days.

I like to buy laser accessories on their website, They are a solid dealer, and have excellent customer service and support (7 days a week). The only thing I feel frustrated is that if you buy heavy items, shipping will be a big problem. Maybe their US warehouse will solve it in the future, but currently there are few products.

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CLOUDRAY is a reliable Laser supplier in China

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okay, thanks for sharing the information

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