I am interesting to buy lightburn; but

Hello, i bought sculpfun s30 pro max. and i want to use lightburn. i pleased in trial days. but i have a question. i will use my windows computer for this job but my official pc is macbook. so if i decide to use my macbook for this job in future, can i also use my activation key for macbook? i mean i will have an activation key and i will use it in windows pc, but in future days, i will use my macbook and this activation key will work forever in all kind of computer right?

Yes - you can activate two computers with your license key - Windows, MacOS, or Linux

You pay for a lifetime license that includes free updates for a year. At the end of that year, any version of the software that we released before the year was up will work for you forever, as long as you have your key, but you won’t be able to use versions released after that, unless you renew the key.

All the details are here - How the LightBurn license works – LightBurn Software

that s great. thank you so much :slight_smile:

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