I am losing Saved Positions after restart


I started to use Saved Positions under Move tab.

After I lost them twice, I saved a file named positions.lbrn2 that should include the positions.

But lightburn collapsed today, I had to restart and when I opened the file I realized the saved positions are lost again.

How can I save them?



Tell us a bit more about the version of LightBurn, and under which OS? What device profile have you selected, and do you have more that one created?

Save Positions are a Device Profile level setting, not file level. I am not seeing what you describe. Running the latest release, I can View, Select, Go to, Manage, Edit, and Delete these position settings without issue, so we are going to need more to try and track what you are observing. :slight_smile:

Edit: Save Positions are a Device Profile level setting, it wouldn’t make sense to store a position for a different laser of a different size (might be out of bounds). :slight_smile:

Hi Rick,

I am using Lightburn 1.0.04 under Win 10.

I only have 1 profile as far as I know. I have Boss Laser 1630 and I see device as Ruida 644XS. I connect via USB.

I can add, delete, edit these position settings but when restart Lightburn they are lost.

What should I do?


We will continue to poke around, but cannot reproduce this issue here. Please check, click the Devices button to see if you have more than one defined. Any other settings not saving? They all save in the same file. Please share anything you can think of, the exact steps you take to reproduce this issue, and we will continue to try on our end as well.

Hi Rick,

Today I exported the device profile with saved positions.

After I restarted Lightburn they disappeared again, I imported the profile and they came back.
Normally I never set a profile or exported before.

Just to inform you.


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