I am lost: Wavy lines / Distortion

Heya guys,

I was engraving this 15" round sign with my brand new 50W Co2 Laser I got just 2 days ago
MODEL: SH-G460). I was cutting via USB / RUIDA 664XG with Lightburn on my laptop @ 200.00 speed / 20.00 power.

2/3 of the way into the project the laser started to follow a wavy type of line and this occurred all the way across the image. The piece being cut was secured in place firmly so it had not moved.

This effect resembles a paper printer with a head out of alignment but it only happens in certain parts of the projects. Not all the time.

The Laser is 2 days old, the Gantry is solid, and there is no debris in the bearings, pulleys etc…

Can I realign the system with the software? Has anyone seen this before? is it common?


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