I am unable to print a graphic that includes lines and filled in areas within the same print jo

Logo 1.lbrn2 (49.3 KB)

I am unable to print my logo so the oval and GW are printed in lines and the rest of the letters in fill. I’m guessing it is something with grouping or layering that I am not doing, but I am struggling with it. I am just getting started with this process on an Aufero Laser 1. (A beginner).

  1. Select the shapes that you want to fill
  2. Assign those shapes to a different Cut layer using Cut Pallette at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Change “Mode” in new Cut layer to “Fill”

Thank you, that worked. I figured it was something I was missing. However, now when I print the image, it prints a little tale at the beginning of the oval border. So it results in an open area at the top of the oval. The carriage start printing the oval at a 45 degree angle before it starts the true course. Any tips to fix that?

Can you take a photo of this? It sounds like it could be a mechanical thing but want to confirm what you’re seeing.

Here you go!

Thank you for looking at this!

Almost definitely a mechanical issue. I’d guess that the laser module assembly with the wheels that ride on the gantry is not well secured. Meaning the wheels are not properly tensioned against the rail.

If you can either lift the wheels off the rail or feel excessive play when you push/pull the laser module then this is likely the case.

Turn the eccentric nuts on the axes of the wheels to reduce distance between wheels and railing. Do not overtighten but try to remove the full gap without creating excessive friction or in any way deforming the wheels.

If you don’t see an issue there then this might be backlash on the Y-axis. If so, then check belt tension and also specifically check that the pinion gear is not shifting back and forth on the stepper motor shaft. If it is, resecure the gear to the shaft using the grub screws. Make sure one of the screws is placed against the flat of the shaft.

I will check those things out. Thank you!

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