I am using a 30W NEJE Laser Engraver Module 450nm 7.5W Output Optical Power Module

I am trying to focus my NEJE laser module with the use of a Red filter for a camera. I am getting a relativiley small dot. However, there is a 2nd smaller dot as well. Is this something I need to be cocerned about? I tried cleaning the lens that did not help. Bleow are images.

I’ve never tried focusing that way but that pattern is unusual. It’s possible that it’s a bar with more intensity at the ends. Or could be a more serious divergence.

Is this a fixed focus laser? Can you get the dots to converge by changing focal distance?

Do you see the same thing through safety goggles?

One suggestion is to reduce the power as much as possible to keep glare down. That will help you focus.

Thank yuou for your response. It is not a fixed focus laser. The only way I can get the dots to converge is to increase the focal point until it forms the bar. I see the samething with safety glasses. I do not remember the exact power, but I know it was lowere than 5%. I am getting acceptable engraving and cutting results with the focus level.

Focus to a bar is not unusual. Just try to get it to be the smallest bar possible. This is due to the shape of the diode itself and how well the lenses are setup to help converge the light.

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