I blew my 50 watt Omtec Tube

What is a good 100 watt replacement and PS?

That’s sad to hear. What happened to your 50W tube?, just old age or lack of cooling…?
I doubt that you can build a 100W tube in a 50W machine, the tube takes up too much in diameter and length, but of course everything can be done with a little craftsmanship.
When I have to change to a larger tube, it will be one with a “built-in” red spot.

OMT also sells fine tubes, but here you have to buy the “red dot laser” separately, I think.

I bought cloudRay 60/80w tube 1250mm and it work amazing, don’t go with TEN-HIGH

My China Blue 50W is 1040mm in width and the ‘hole’ for the beam is about 100mm from the edge. That leaves about 940mm in width. My tube is 880mm and measures 44W.

This 100W is 1450mm in length and 80mm in diameter. My tube is 50mm I believe. You would have to lower the tube by at about 15mm to get it centered in the mirror. Or raise all the mirrors, including the head, up 15mm to make the diameter work for you.

Why do you want so much power? Do you primarily cut thick things?


Thanks Jack, your info is correct and i am buying new Mounts that adjust in diameter and height to allow for the physical spec changes I am also going to buy the cover adapter for the added length.I have decided to go with OM tech 100 watt tube, PS and chiller as well as thru the tube red dot pointer. This Generic 50 watt China blue has served me well for over 3 years and this past year I updated it with a new Zaxis and ball lead screws. I will still have Less money in it after this upgrade that if i bought a 100 watt quality machine from the get go, plus i have been able to learn a boatload of ideas about lasering.! i never know what i am going to cut, a laser running at lower power lasts longer than one @ 95% power

Thanks for the advice, Mart1.

Forgot to add this link to a video by Russ Sadler that’s very good including how the quality of tubes vary and from whom to purchase.

I have maybe 20mm from the bottom of my tube to the frame. I would like to see some photos when you get it completed…

Do you have a link to the mounts?

Hang in there until at least 4 or 5 minutes into it…


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