I can control laser with my mac not my windows laptop

Help, I am at a loss. A few months ago after using my laser with my windows laptop my laser stopped working with it. I can connect, I can home, I can even send information via the console to edit GRBL LPC settings. However I cant get it to move other-wise. I plugged in my macbook pro and It works perfectly. I have uninstalled/re-installed drivers, updated the lightburn firmware up to current (Sept 2019) and even uninstalled and rolled it back to 0.8.03 and Have had no luck. I checked my serial communication settings and I am at 115200 no parity, and 1 stop bit… I know enogh to try and trouble shoot but I need my mac back for other things and I need my windows laptop to run the laser. Sorry If this message is a bit “sporadic” . Thank you for any input!

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