I can do square but not circle

hi guys please help me to solve this problem
after i connect to my device i get this
[HLP:$$ $# $G $I $N $x=val $Nx=line $J=line $SLP $C $X $H ~ ! ? ctrl-x]

i can laser a square but during laser of a circle it stop and i see this error


Two G-code commands that both require the use of the XYZ axis words were detected in the block.

Seems you may have enabled Z-axis in Device Settings. Go to Edit->Device Settings and disable Z-axis.

i did
same problem
its stops during the laser :smiling_face_with_tear:

the thing is that can laser square easy but during circle or any carve … :frowning:

Can you click Devices button in Laser window and take a screenshot please?


i can also give you remote access to help me :sweat_smile:

No thanks on the remote access. The situation is a little odd.

Can you Save the Gcode in Laser window and post here please? Rename the extension as .txt or you won’t be able to upload.

Can you run these commands in Console and post results?






the stops happens when it goes to x,y movement like triangle or cycle there wont be any problem with square

Is the g-code file from a different design than the one that was giving you an error?

This file has 225 lines and your error message references line 1001.

[EDIT] - I see nothing particularly exciting or unusual about the gcode. I suspect something going on with your controller.

What information can you share about your laser? Specifically the controller? Where does it come from? Is the firmware a custom build?

Your screenshots do not show your entire GRBL setting. Can you cut and paste (not screenshot) the full content here please?

it is custom build
i may get a gcode from different shape but its circle
where you mean cut/paste?

im sure its not about the GCODE it should be some setting changes to solve the problem which i dont know

Not likely a setting. Seems the controller is complaining because it thinks that it’s getting multiple commands at the same time. This is likely from electrical interference or something else on the controller.

  1. Do you have a touchscreen or SD card reader on the controller? If so try unplugging it.
  2. What is your USB situation like? Are you plugged in directly to the controller from your computer? If not, try plugging in directly.
  3. Try a different cable.
  4. Try different USB ports.
  5. Is your USB cable very long? Try reducing the length.

Do a search on this forum for Error 24. There are a lot of similar cases, always caused by something electrical.

You might be able to reduce the occurrence of this by switching your transfer mode in Device Settings from Buffered to Synchronous. However, this is just masking the problem and potentially reducing performance.

1.yes there is touch screen display and usb port and there is no flash drive in it.
2. its connect directly from pc to device
3. short cable
4. changed the cable and usb port

i did all same problem :smiling_face_with_tear:

switching your transfer mode in Device Settings from Buffered to Synchronous

it works thanks buddy

not exactly it makes me crazy

Switching to synchronous may mask the problem but the problem is still there. You need to solve the fundamental problem.

Try disconnecting the touch screen.

i just disable all usb and sd

and it works

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