I can not wait for galvo support!

I have the gcode license of Lightburn, getting ready to upgrade as soon as support for the LMCv4 is released. EZCAD2 = AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.


First time posting here, but have been using Lightburn w/ a GRBL 1.1f machine for almost 3 years I think. It’s been a while. Upgraded to a 75W CO2 laser from Full Spectrum and boy did I have a “should have done a little more research” moment when I realized it could not run Lightburn (without swapping the controller). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve figured out how to get along with RE3 for the most part, and the support from the company is very good.

I very recently had a UV Galvo custom made for me. It has an LMCv4 BJJCZ or whatever it is called controller. As I hinted above, I am a little excited to hear that the folks at Lightburn are working on support for Galvo lasers. I am HOPING that it is not just fiber lasers… and I’ve read it will support the LMCv4. I think.

I had read somewhere that EZCad 2 boards were (about to be) supported and that EZCad 3 boards are in development. If you’re talking to it with EZCad 2 and a USB cable I think you’re in good shape. I’m going to add some tags to your post and hopefully we can get some confirmation on the compatibility of your build.

I am the o.p. Apparently I have two accounts, oops!

Yes, it is EZCAD2 via USB.

Galvo support can not come soon enough, we are really struggling along with EZCad2.

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Question, were you able to switch out a control board and the machine still work? I bought a fslaser at auction but have not been able to get it to work. FSlaser is requiring money to “turn it on”. Can i switch out to a different controller and use Lightburn? I already use Lightburn with my other co2 lasers and heard FS uses a proprietary design software and only compatible with that. I mean I have all the hardware needed to make a laser is it as simple as changing the control board?

Yes, the Ruida controllers work great. I would go that route and never have to deal with Full Spectrum.