I can’t figure this out

I did a small project after update and this happens. The end on each side seems to burn more and deeper. Why is that. Any suggestions. Still kinda new to this. Running an Atomstack A20 pro. 130w laser with C02

Are you saying you’re running this on 2 different lasers? Not following this.

If the photo is from the Atomstack then a couple of things to watch out for:

  1. Make sure your device has been created with GRBL profile, not any other variant. You can check this by pushing Devices button in Laser window and then clicking once on the device name. The profile type will show at the bottom of that window.
  2. Make sure you have not enabled “Constant Power Mode” in Cut setting
  3. If both of the above are correct then making sure you have some level of overscan on can further help to alleviate edge burning
  4. This looks like you may have “Fill shapes individually” or “Fill groups together” enabled in Cut settings. “Fill shapes at once” will generally result in a more consistent burn.

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