I can use a little guidance with new Sculpfun S30 Pro

I could use a little material settings guidance for power and speed. I know “it depends”, but I am looking for ballpark numbers. Here is why I am asking…

Whoah!!! I gotta be careful with this new one. Where I struggled to burn anything with the old one, this one has to be throttled back. Laser at 4" (2" is focus) and 20% power, I burned lines in the floor of the box during a framing test. Framing is where the laser turns on at low power and travels the outline of the work. Not supposed to make a mark.

Typical settings (speed & power) for wood and TiO2 coated tiles are all I need. I need this to set the low and high parameters for the LB Materials Test. I have a 10w fine-focus laser.

As you already know, there are no general settings. All modules are different, the wattage can be the same but it will still be very different. The S30 Pro is among the best 10W modules, that’s why you get a whole lot of power out of it :slight_smile:
Check here:

Despite that:

  • framing is usually done below 1% of power. 0.5% is typically enough. 20% is engraving power.
  • 600mm/min, 85% and as many passes as needed is the cutting setting
  • 3000mm/min, 50% one pass is an engraving setting. Start with those and adjust from there.

This is exactly what I needed to know! You are my new best friend. Thanks!