I cannot calibrate the axis Ruida Rdc6344G

I have a laser cutting machine that can work in 135x265 cm dimensions. X axis 135 cm Y axis 265 cm

The manufacturer used ball screws instead of timing belts for the X and Y axes. 1.5 months ago, I removed the screw shaft in the X axis and converted it into an M3 timing belt system. I ran it for 2 weeks without any problems and cut dozens of plate products.

In order to speed up the machine, I removed the ball screw on the Y axis. I added a timing belt system separately to the right and left of the Y axis. I bought 8.5 Nm stepper motor and 1/10 reducer. I completed the system mechanically.

I made my own adjustments from the RDWorks program and the “VendorSettings” page.

When I cut a square piece measuring 50x50 mm, I encounter the following problem. Let’s say the measurement on the Y axis is correct, but the measurement on the X axis is 49.7 mm. I adjust the calibration from the settings page. I am cutting 50x50 mm again. This time the measurement is correct on the X axis, but the Y axis is 49.8 mm or 49.9 mm. I correct the X axis, Y is distorted, I correct the Y axis, X is distorted.

When I cut 2.6x5 mm, the 2.6 mm side becomes 3 mm and the 5 mm side becomes 5.3 mm. In round cuts or similar situations, when two axes need to move simultaneously and cut, the edges do not come out properly. Round cuts have wavy edges.

I hope I was able to explain it clearly.