I cannot get LightBurn to recognize SainSmart controller

Back in 2016 I bought an Elecksmaker CNC Laser frame kit without the laser. I had another idea for it that never happened. I did have it moving with UGS software. Recently I bought the 5.5 watt laser from SainSmart with a license for LightBburn. The original Elecksmaker controller was found by LightBurn, but the 2019 laser wasn’t compatible with the controller. So, I bought the SainSmart controller that is supposed to work with the laser. Everything is installed, but LightBurn will not recognize the SainSmart controller. I have flashed the controller to 1.1 and latest GRBL. I downloaded the freeware Candle and it sees the controller and allows me to move both axis.
So, my questions are;
#1 - Is LightBurn compatible with Sainsmart controller? SKU: 101-60-A02,
#2 - If so what is my next step?
I’m using a Windows 10 tablet with all updates, have it connected on Com 3 which is set up with CH341SER, flashed the controller with latest Arduino, LightBurn is 0.9.04 version.
Somewhat perplexing to me is that I bought the lightburn license on SainSmart recommendation.

Controller is Woodpecker V3.3

When you say “doesn’t recognize” the controller, how do you mean? Have you selected the COM port it’s plugged into? Do you get any response from the controller in the console in LightBurn?

I’m not sure what “CH341SER” is in reference to, though it sounds like a driver name. Given that I don’t recognize it, there’s a strong chance LightBurn won’t either.

You can try this:

  • Run LightBurn
  • go to Help > Enable debug logging
  • click the “Devices” button
  • click OK (this assumes you have the device set up already)
  • wait a moment for it to attempt to connect
  • turn off the debug log
  • post the file called “LightBurnLog.txt” that it creates in your documents folder here to the forum so I can have a look.

I meant that the “find my laser” did not return anything. It did for the Elksmaker controller.

“Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.” It will not let me past the log in a message.
Is there a “documents folder” on the forum for me to put it?

(%å D: “LightBurn 0.9.04” “Sat Jun 29 2019”
È?å D: Found port: PID 0 VID 0
(@å D: Manufacturer: “(Standard port types)”
(Bå D: Product: “Communications Port” on “COM1”
(Bå D: Found port: PID 0 VID 0
ÈAå D: Manufacturer: “(Standard port types)”
È?å D: Product: “Communications Port”
è@å D: Name: “COM1”
è?å Œ²^ªËh D: Port open succeeded
hBå Ž²^ªËh D: opener
È?å D: Found port: PID 29987 VID 6790
¨@å D: Manufacturer: “wch.cn
È?å D: Product: “USB-SERIAL CH340” on “COM3”
¨Bå D: Found port: PID 29987 VID 6790
È?å D: Manufacturer: “wch.cn
è?å D: Product: “USB-SERIAL CH340”
ˆAå D: Name: “COM3”
@å Ž²^ªËh D: Port open failed
ˆAå D: Found port: PID 29987 VID 6790
h@å D: Manufacturer: “wch.cn
èAå D: Product: “USB-SERIAL CH340”
¨@å D: Name: “COM3”
(Bå Œ²^ªËh D: Port open failed
È?å D: Found port: PID 29987 VID 6790
ÈAå D: Manufacturer: “wch.cn
(@å D: Product: “USB-SERIAL CH340”
h@å D: Name: “COM3”
È?å Œ²^ªËh D: Port open failed
(@å D: Found port: PID 29987 VID 6790
È?å D: Manufacturer: “wch.cn
È?å D: Product: “USB-SERIAL CH340”
èAå D: Name: “COM3”
ˆBå ƒ²^ªËh D: Port open failed
È?å D: Found port: PID 29987 VID 6790
¨@å D: Manufacturer: “wch.cn
HBå D: Product: “USB-SERIAL CH340”
È?å D: Name: “COM3”
È@å Œ²^ªËh D: Port open failed
¨Aå D: Vend: 9610 Prod: 27272
¨@å D: Vend: 32902 Prod: 3893
èAå D: Vend: 1507 Prod: 1544
¨Aå D: Vend: 6790 Prod: 29987

The “USB-SERIAL CH340” was from SainSmart to enable talking with the controller. COM3 is my full size USB on the tablet.

The CH340 chip is the new ultra-cheap USB-to-serial adapter that a lot of the Arduino clones are using now. As if dealing with the random assortment of Chinese clones wasn’t enough of a pain in the *ss already.

I installed the CH341SER driver after LightBurn wouldn’t find the device and I was trying to figure it out. LightBurn had no problem finding the Elks controller without the CH341SER and the freebie software would find the SainSmart controller after (and still does) CH341SER was installed.

Since the CH341SER might be a culprit, I looked at Windows Device Manager for COM3. Below is what I see.

Driver Tab
USB-Serial CH340 (COM3)
Driver Provider wch.cn
Driver date 8/8/2014
Driver Version 3.4.2014.8
Digital Signer Microsoft…

General Tab
USB-Serial CH340 (COM3)
Device Type Ports (COM & LPT)
Manufacturer wch.cn
Location Port_#0002 Hub_#0002

Events Tab
USB-Serial CH340 (COM3)
6/29/19 Device install requested
6/29/19 Device migrated
6/29/19 Driver service added (CH314SER)
6/29/19 Driver service added (Serenum)
6/29/19 Device Installed (ch341ser.inf_x86_0…
In the information panel
Device USB\VID_1A86&PID_7523\6&23e733ad&0&2 requires further installation.

Port Settings Tab
Bits per second 115200
Data bits 8
Stop bits 1
Flow control none

It’s trying to connect, but failing: “Port open failed” is the message, but I don’t see anything else that’s useful there. Try configuring the device manually instead of automatically.

Is there a link to process of configuring it manually?

It is working with no real credit to me. Manual mode didn’t work for me, could have been user error. I then used Candle (freeware) and UGS (freeware) and both connected for movement. Then I removed all the other “devices” on the laser screen and tried the “find my device” again, it found GRBL!
I can now move the axis. I have other questions, but will search the forum for those.

If you had any other process open and communicating with the laser that would prevent LightBurn from opening it, and could easily have caused the initial problem.

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