I cannot get my laser to burn properly for thin lines. Fills seem to burn accurately. I have the latest version of Lightburn, just got laser last week

Hi, I have tried many of the recommended potential solutions to solve this problem over the last week. I have watched volumes of video. I’m pulling my hair out at this point.

Is this a new problem? How it arose helps us help you.

First thing to check is that everything is mechanically tight/clean. If you get something on the belt it will change how that axes moves giving you anomalies.

The reason I say this, is it’s obviously not a smooth line.

I’m thinking you may have multiple issues…

Is it making multiple passes where you don’t expect it? That would indicate maybe a duplicate and it’s just over burning. I would not expect a 3mm kerf from this.

But in the case of these machines, I’d think it’s changing focus somehow or there are multiple lines in the artwork…

That’s the only thing I can think of that affects focus, yours looks like the laser height/material is changing…

I’d go back to something being mechanically lose, such as a lens.

Good luck


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