I can't download grayscale,

All the other Modes work but grayscale takes 20 minutes to download and when I go to find the project I see it has not downloaded and when I did get it to download ONCE the speed was 12000 and I couldn’t get it to lower… What am I doing wrong… I have a APLaser with a Ruida 644XS

I think your resolution combined with project size maybe too big for the controller to handle

I have it at 400 dpi I’ll lower it and see if that helps… Thank you

Grayscale takes a huge amount of controller data. It’s really only useful for variable depth not variable shading when used with a CO2 laser, unless you have 40w or lower, and even then it’s hard to dial in.

Ruida controllers have an internal storage limit of about 100mb of data. If the job is larger than that, it won’t work. Dithering, particularly using Newsprint dither, takes much less space in the controller than grayscale. You can click the ‘Save RD File’ button to save a job file to disk and check the size to make sure it will fit before you send it.

You sir are an intelligent wonderful person… it
works… thank you Enno… and thank you for the info Oz

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