I can't get Lightburn connected to my machine


I have a milling machine with a built-in diode laser that is controlled via an Arduino Mega 2560 and GRBL and USB. I use Estlcam or Lasergrbl as software. Is it possible that your software Lightburn could control my machine? Unfortunately my trial license has expired and I can no longer test it. I would like to buy your software, but I have to know that it works. My english is bad and i used the google translator sorry

Is it also possible to get my trial version activated again?>

I can also post photos of my controller?

Greetings Eduard Trompetter

In the License and Trial box that pops up, copy the Trial ID and paste it here so we can extend the trial. LightBurn should be able to control your machine.

Danke ich habe mir die Vollversion gekauft.

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