I can't select text

Hi, I am trying to select a part of text and I can’t do it by dragging the mouse to delete what I don’t need without having to delete everything, is there any way I can make it possible to select the part of text that contains error and delete it? for now I have to be removing letter by letter, I hope your help and thank you!

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If the text is still “editable” within LightBurn, no, you can not “select text” to delete or change, not at this time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply

Text exists in two states in LB - as editable text, or as vector path shapes. Once you have chosen to covert text to path, you can only edit it with a node editor.

Thank you, I wanted to do it in editable mode, but now I know that it is not possible yet, I appreciate your answer.

You can’t select the text, but you can double-click it to place the cursor, then edit with the cursor keys, delete, and typing. We just don’t have the ability to select blocks of text yet.

which would be a nice option

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While this suggestion has been around since December 15, 2018, it has only garnered a modest level of support. :man_shrugging:


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