I could not open Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file after update!

After apdate to ver.0.9.10 and 0.9.11,I could not open Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files.
.ai files are not listed and can not select.
Today, I tried to open the files using ver.0.9.09, it can open them.
Please check it!

Are you importing them, instead of opening them? You’ll need to make sure you save your AI file with compression turned off, if you’re using a newer version of AI.

This is mostly fixed in the 0.9.09 and later versions. We still don’t support the new compression method yet, but it bypasses the unknown data and imports the PDF preview content instead.

Can you email a file that you can’t open to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com? I can have a look. Blake’s suggestion above could help - if your files are saved with the newer AI format and compression is on, and you don’t save with PDF preview content, that would prevent them from opening.

Thank you for reply!
I tied another settings on LightBurn v0.9.09 to v.0.9.11.
I selected ‘Language=Japanese’ then I could not open files on v0.9.10 and v0.9.11.
I tried both filenames include Japanese Letter or not, that is not concern.
I selected ‘Language=English’,evelything is going well on any versions.
Only ‘Language=Japanese’,any ‘.ai’ files not listed and could not open files on v0.9.10 and v0.9.11.

I’ll have a look at that - it’s possible that the translation for the “file filter” is incorrect. We recently changed how translations are done for the software, and there were a couple issues found with them after the release.

As another option, does it work if you drag files into LightBurn from the Windows file explorer?

Edit: It does look like the translation of the file filter text is the problem. I’ve fixed this and it will be resolved for the next update.

I can drag files into LightBurn from the Windows file explorer and edit well !

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We have a couple of features in progress, but I might try to get a small release out soon to address this and a couple of other small issues.

We can use .ai files using drag & drop with no stress!
So we will wait for regular update, do not worry about it.
Thank you.

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