I did it, created Materials Library

The settings are from the tutorial I followed. I was working on a Rudia CO2 100w laser. It burned up and my buddy brother restored it and has it in my garage for me and my sister to play with. He says it is now a 50w laser. this means I probably have to figure out my settings. He gave me a small project to cut and his cut setting was 10/75 whereas I used the settings from the laser before it was destroyed 15/65. Both had the same results. I have already made a mountain out of a molehill–what is lowest setting to start off with; does Jarvis, Atkinson, Dither matter and on and on and on.
plywood.lbrn2 (139.7 KB)

To help with dialing the settings for your simi-new 50 Watt, I might suggest running a few ‘Material Tests’ to get a feel for how this new tube behaves.

Once you have a setting you like, you can add that to your ‘Material Settings Library’ for quick recall when desired.

If I missed what you are after @Lucie, fire back and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

I assume it’s speed/power? It seems the 50W is 10@75% with the previous 100W being 15/65… doesn’t sound like a 50% drop in power…?

If you measure the length of the tube, it will give you a good idea of the available wattage.

Most 100W tubes are 80mm in diameter, most lower power models are 50mm, did he swap out the tube mounts?

Have fun