I don't understand the preview settings

Hi. I’m new to Lightburn but getting there with 2 successful engravings so far.

My current issue is the preview time is way off compared with the real world engraving… I realise I need to adjust the settings in ‘Device Settings’ and then ‘Additional Settings’ and I can adjust the simulation parameters but I don’t understand which setting relates to which setting of my set up.

Can anyone provide an idiots guide as to where in Lightburn I can get the necessary settings from for the simulator.

Help is much appreciated.

If you type $$ in the console and press enter, you’ll see a bunch of numbers output:

$110 and $111 are your maximum speed in mm/minute. Divide by 60 to get mm/sec.
$120 and $121 are your acceleration for X & Y in mm/sec^2

The $110 and $111 values are also your rapid speed, so you should be able to plug those numbers into max speed and rapid speed, and plug the $120 & $121 numbers into both the cut and engrave acceleration numbers, and then just leave the others as is.

Perfect. I will give that a go.

Help appreciated

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