I download a puzzle from Lightburn Community forum

I don’t remember who or where I found it. I have wanted to try to do a puzzle for sometime now. Cut it and assembled in 30 minutes from my Controller. Forgot to flip the text and need to use less power. I will be into puzzles for awhile. I want to do one a bit more complicated and to overlay with a photo. Another mountain to climb!

HI, do you mind telling us if you are using air-assist?
For us to help you avoid ruining your lens and get cleaner jobs.

If you need more puzzles, there are quite a few different generators out there. I collected a list of the ones I found here:

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Yes, air assist is on.

Likely you´re using too much power as per Cut/Layers image in your other post.
You should follow the bellow doc and run a material test to optimize your Lightburn/laser settings.

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What’s the min/max power settings and speed you’re using?


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do I have to change speed and power in Lightburn and save ar RD file…or can I just change at the Controller itself? I tried change in Lightburn but it is grayed out? I had masked the file to be able to move around in puzzle.